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When will we get Warp Drive?


COMPLETE list of MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Labs

Solid State Electronics Laboratory, University of Michigan

Center for Solid State Electronics Research at Arizona State University
Berkeley Research in Analog Integrated Circuits
Center for GaAs VLSI Technology
Cornell Nanofabrication Facility
Harris Semiconductor Research Group at Stanford
Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Electronics

Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory UIUC
NanoStructures Laboratory of Princeton University

Purdue's Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Device Research

LEHIGH University Home page
University of Idaho Microelectronics Research Center
University of Cambridge, Cavendish SEMI Laboratory
University of Michigan III-V Devices and Circuits Group

Semiconductor Research Groups

Northern Ireland Semiconductor Research Centre
European Materials Research Society
International Union for Pure and Applied Physics: Semiconductors
Photonics Resources for Scientists and Engineers

National Microelectronics Research Centre, Ireland
IEEE Lasers and Electro-optics Society
CALCE Electronic Packaging Research Center

Digital Simulator
EE Toolbox
Electronics Info Page
FPGA Data and Links

Nitride of Semiconductor Research
NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center
Semiconductor Research Lab

Lawrence Semiconductor Research Laboratory
Advanced Semiconductor Research Center

The Datasheet Archive - Search engine for electronic component datasheets.

Semiconductor InSights

Guide to Semiconductor Physics

IC Master
Scanning Mag
Integrated Systems Design

Solid State Technology
Semiconductor Research Corporation
DSP Discussion Groups

DSP Job Opportunities

Semiconductor related magazines / journals

Institute of Electrical Engineers
Micro Magazine
European Semiconductor
Semiconductor Fabtech
Chip Scale Review
Semiconductor International
Semiconductor Science and Technology
Solid State Technology
Yahoo Semiconductor News

Search Engines

Yahoo!  Google

SEMI Component Manufacturers/ FABS/ Wafer Processing

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Accutek Microelectronics   Acer Labs   Access   Actel   Adaptec  Advanced Linear Devices  Advanced Monolithic Systems  Advanced RISC Machines   AKM Semiconductor  Alcor Micro    Allayer Technologies  Celeritek    Centaur Technology    Central Semiconductor   Chips and Technologies  Chip Supply   Cirrus Logic    Crystal  Semi  Cylink   Cypress Semiconductor    Dallas Semiconductor    Diodes Inc.    Domosys Corp. DSP Communications   DSP Group   Dynex Semiconductor   Echelon  EIC Semiconductor   Ericsson Components AB   Pico Electronics  Oscilent

PMC-Sierra  PowerDsine    Power Integrations  PowerTech  Powerex Semiconductors Quality Semiconductor   Quick Logic   Rabbit Semiconductor    Radisys Corporation  Raltron Electronics    Rambus   RF Micro Devices    S3    Samsung   Sensory    SGS Thomson    Sharp Micro   Infineon    Sierra Semiconductor     Sigma Designs    Sigmatel    Siliconix    Silicon Value     Sipex     Sony Semiconductor    Sony   Standard Microsystems    SUMMIT Microelectronics  Supertex  Symbios Logic   TDK Semiconductor Corp. Telcom Semiconductor     Teltone Corporation    Temic  Texas Instruments  THAT   Thesys Microelectronic  Toshiba America  Toshiba  Tower Semiconductor Transwitch    Trident Microsystems   Tripath Technology Triquint Semiconductor   TSC  Tundra Semiconductor  UMC   Unitrode    Vitesse Semiconductor  VLSI Technology  Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd.  Xilinx   Zarlink Semiconductor     Z Comm   Zetex Semiconductors   Zilog  ZMD (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden)   ZORAN
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